The Maia Institute is a mental and behavioral healthcare center located in Alexandria, VA, that is focused on the provision of subspecialized patient care, expert consultation services, and the development of tools that support efficient and advanced medical practice. It is unique in the Washington DC metropolitan area for the scope of expert services offered for patients who require the most critical, intensive, and sophisticated mental health interventions.

The concept of the Maia Inst was conceived following years of experience in psychiatric practice, which yielded an amalgamated vision of what psychiatric care could be as opposed to where it stands today.  The Institute was borne out of a drive to pursue a different model of providing care at a level of excellence, to provide appropriate access to specialists, and to occupy a position as a national think tank for the progress of the mental health field.

We are an institution that operates informed by solid academic and research parameters; we offer cutting-edge, evidence-based treatment modalities. We tailor to very specific populations and their needs with a team of professionals that have sub specialized in distinct areas of mental health.

  • Psychiatrists: Our team is composed of five psychiatrists and growing. All of our psychiatrists are Board Certified in General Psychiatry and Neurology, and are also Board Certified in their area of subspecialty including Addiction Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, and more.
  • Psychologists: Our team counts with psychologists who provide individual and group therapy, forensic evaluations, and neuropsychological testing to support evaluations. Our psychologists come from a broad range of experiences, throughout all ages of the lifespan and multiple mental and behavioral health settings.
  • Social Workers: Our licensed clinical social workers are an integral part of our team, and offer knowledge and expertise to our patients who seek support with housing, employment, or navigation of community support options. They are also trained in trauma based care, and offer group therapies for patients struggling with past experiences that continue to impact their everyday life.
  • Support: Our center operates within the consulting room and beyond thanks to a multitude of people who provide the clinicians and the patients with consistent and ongoing support. These include nurses, physician assistants, clinical administrators, and more.